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“Thank you very much to Patrick Whelan, Founder, Extension Marketing in Ottawa for inviting CLA Events and Fundraising to be part of the Ottawa Entrepreneurs podcast series. What an honour it was to be interviewed and we appreciate your support and interest in hearing my story”.  Connie   

By Pat Whalen

Ottawa Entrepreneurs Podcast – CLA Events & Fundraising

In this episode of the Ottawa Entrepreneurs podcast, Pat hosts Connie Lebrun.

Connie is the owner of CLA Events & Fundraising. She has developed a fascinating business model that involves working with for-profit and non-for profit sectors.

Connie’s passion and enthusiasm is evidence that she is someone who is devoted to her community.  With 30 years of experience in the philanthropic market, she values the importance of partnerships in raising funds and running events. Her love for this line of work has encouraged her to embark on the journey of owning her own company. Here are some highlights from our conversation.

- Connie gives us insight into CLA Events & Fundraising and her expertise.
- She shares her unique and vast background in the industry.
- How CLA Events & Fundraising connects not-for-profit with a for-profit partner.
- How working for both sides of the table has helped her current day-to-day.
- How she’s applied the business lessons she’s learned over the years to her daily tasks.
- She shares two book titles that have influenced her business.
- Her favorite TV commercials.
- Her advice to entrepreneurs who may be a little trigger happy when making decisions.

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